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Civic Leadership Credential 

About the Civic Leadership Credential

Young Iranian Americans should have access to civic education and opportunities. Delivered fully online, the Civic Leadership Credential program equips learners around the country with the skills and knowledge they need to advance the public good, make an immediate impact in their communities, and further the interests of Iranian Americans.

Explore how the Civic Leadership Credential could make you a leader.

Course Overview

The Civic Leadership Credential has three core elements: learn, act, reflect. You will be guided through each interactive step and upon completion you will earn a certificate to share on your resume, LinkedIn, college/ job applications, etc.


Civic education is an important part of a leadership journey. We approach learning with diverse readings and videos from Iranian American community leaders like Maz Jobrani (Comedian), Arian Moayed (Actor), Sophia Kianni (Activist). Check out some of the featured speakers you'll hear from below.


There's no better way to learn than to do! Civic action hours require learners to gain hands-on experience in the civic space. This can look like volunteering at a park clean-up, participating in your schools student body, registering voters, and so much more!


Reflection helps engrain what has been learned while also looking forward to the future. Learners will be prompted to consider what they've learned and experienced throughout the credential and submit either a written or video reflection.


Registration is simple! Any young Iranian American can register for the Civic Leadership Credential here.

When you go to the credential page you'll have the option to "view" then "start" which will prompt you to create a WorkRamp account that you will use to access the credential moving forward.



"I learned that civic engagement's definition differs for every person. I believe that civic engagement can be done through community involvement, whether it be through community service or political participation (e.g., voting during elections). Examples of civic engagement include attending protests, reading the news, volunteering for non-profits, etc."  -Niki S

"I learned how I can personally uplift my community... It's important to stay active in your community and to give back... I think being involved in conversations, listening, and also taking action is a good way to stay civically engaged!"  -Lara S.

  • What is the cost?
    There is no cost to learners! The Civic Leadership Credential is generously funded by donors to promote civic engagement amongst young Iranian Americans.
  • How long does it take to complete?
    The estimated learner time for completion is about two hours in addition to ten hours of civic action (defined in the credential). However, the Civic Leadership Credential is self-paced and we've seen learners complete it in a variety of times.
  • Is there a deadline for completion?
    No, there is not a deadline for completion and learners can go through the credential at their own pace. In particular, we know that the required 10 hours of civic action can take months to earn. Grading of the credential and allocations of certificates are on a rolling basis.
  • Is there an age limit?
    No, there is no age limit but the Civic Leadership Credential is designed and intended for young Iranian Americans (high school, college, and recent graduate).
  • What if I have additional questions?
    Any questions or comments regarding the Civic Leadership Credential or the Civic Leadership Program more broadly can be emailed to Daniel Khoshkepazi.
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