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 Sarram Service Initiative (SSI)


The Sarram Service Initiative (SSI) is a dynamic program that empowers and engages the new generation of Iranian Americans dedicated to civic engagement through active community building.

SSI is designed to foster community building and advocacy by providing participants with diverse opportunities to connect, learn, and contribute.


SSI is tailored for Iranian Americans who are interested in public policy and global affairs as well as eager to connect with their peers and contribute to the community. Participants can expect a supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates shared heritage, encourages personal growth, and facilitates valuable networking.

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Community Building

Foster a supportive community through networking mixers, skill-sharing sessions, and cultural events to build lasting connections with like-minded individuals committed to making a positive impact.

Advocacy Initiatives

Raise awareness and advocate for issues relevant to the Iranian American community.

Service Opportunities

Lift up and work with local communities to serve, promote charitable activities, and engage in purpose-driven volunteerism.

Cultural Connection

Offer art and humanities related events - including film screenings, exhibitions, lectures, and tastings - to provide participants with a deeper connection to their heritage

SSI Kick off and Winter Social
SSI Kick off and Winter Social
Feb 08, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
3251 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA
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